18th Annual Technology Summit

All Aboard: Full Steam Ahead | May 21 – 24, 2017 | St. Louis, Missouri

Presentations from the 2017 Technology Summit

  • Quick Agenda

  • Opening Keynote: Dr. Alan Shark, Public Technology Institute

  • Closing Keynote: The Last Mile – Beverly Parenti and Chris Redlitz

  • Forcing Contraband Cell Phone Off the Rails

  • Planning, Preparation & Execution of OMS Modernization

  • The World of Corrections Information Sharing May Never Be The Same; Introducing Blockchain!

  • Dashboards – Simplifying Work One Tile at a Time

  • iCASH Inmate Accounting: Challenges & Benefits

  • You’re Bringing What into My Facility?

  • On the Right Track: Offender Technology Investment

  • Corrections Technology in the Future … Where are We Heading?

  • The Orient Express Brings News from Abroad

  • Utilizing Google Chromebook Technology in Corrections

  • Leveraging Video Technology to Reduce the Costs and Risks of Transporting and Housing Inmates

  • Criminal Investigations – Inmate Communications

  • Connecting Corrections to the Information Sharing Train

  • Security and Best Practices for Application Delivery and Infrastructure Within Corrections Facilities

  • Leaving the Tracks without Derailing – Moving DOC Operations into Newer Technology Platforms

  • Head West – Pioneers and Settlers in IT Innovation

  • Corrections and the Cloud – Benefits, Challenges and Opportunities

  • Get on Track – Restrictive Housing Tracking

  • Cost Savings Express, Route Workforce Optimization

  • Will They Climb or Hang with the Rope of Technology?

  • PREA National Data Standard

  • It’s About the Journey: An Evergreen Solution Approach

  • Integrated Electronic Health Record for Correctional Health with Special Emphasis on Behavior Health

  • A New High Speed Rail for Public Safety Analytics